Pihkatapin kennel

России-европейская лайка

Welcome Pihkatapin kennel´s website!

My interest in dogs started at 1984. My first dogs were two Finnish Spitz. Mainly I hunted grouses and waterfowls with them, but also some pine martens and a fiew moose were shot too. Bears I didn't get for them although, one of them barked at bear a couple of times.

Then in 1998 I acquired my first Russian-European Laika. A female called Kelopojan Noora. She seemed very interested in game even then as a puppy. At year 2000, I got my Kennelname Pihkatapin (which is a vernacular word for bears first feces at spring). Since then I have bred only Russian-European Laikas (abbr. REL).

Our first laikalitter was born in 2001 of which we kept Pihkatapin Sako ourselves. At the moment there isn't but three dogs at our kennel – Salli, Sanni and Sisu. Unfortunately Noora got some senescent disorders and was put to eternal sleep at the age of 12 years.

In breeding RELs I try to obtain the good health and the exellent huntingcharacteristics for many gamespecies.